Who We Are?

Who we are isn’t defined by what we sell or the services available. The “CLEC Effect,” as we like to call it, is about how we utilize our in-house resources and those of our world-leading, $1 billion parent company to drive your success. Whether you are a current coin laundry owner or new investor, CLEC will leverage its 40+ years of industry experience to ensure 100 percent satisfaction. Our people are driven by a common goal – to help you obtain the highest level of success for your laundry business. And we’ll leverage our combined expertise, financing, site and demographics analysis, service, support, proven marketing tactics and more to reach that goal.

Who Our Customers Are?

Though clients come to CLEC from a variety of industries and businesses backgrounds and their needs may vary, all are dedicated to achieving higher level of success. Whether you define success in terms of higher profits, finished quality, throughput or streamlined management, CLEC staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


Why Choose Us?

Being owned by Alliance Laundry Systems, CLEC is backed by the world leader in commercial laundry equipment. In addition, our 40 years of experience and reputation for excellence are testament to the level of service each member of our team is dedicated to delivering. Our success is inextricably linked with your success. That success is what drives the CLEC Effect.