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Business Success Starts with CLEC

For more than 40 years, CLEC has helped entrepreneuers enter the profitable vended laundry business. Among the benefits that make this such an attractive business are: 20-35% ROI; no inventory or receivables; and management ease. In addition, today’s mobile app payment systems and technology that integrates all facets of the business in one intuitive cloud-based system further streamline managment. CLEC staff can assist with everything from site selection, demographics analysis, financing, store layout and much more. Our wholistic approach helps ensure a solid business foundation and that owners are never alone.

To learn more about the vended laundry business and how we can help you get started, please contact us at (800) 366-4168

Experience a Speed Queen Laundromat

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Stacked Washer-Extractor/Tumble Dryers

Quantum® Touch Control

Maximize Revenue

Quantum controls put you in the position to drive profitability. Features like time-of-day pricing and cycle upgrade prompts make laundry more rewarding for customers and more profitable for you.

  • Cycle Modifiers – 30% of customers upgrade their cycles when the option is available* and Quantum® cycle modifiers make that upsell easy and convenient.
  • Multi-Level Pricing lets you charge more for premium wash cycles to help you offset utility costs.
  • Time-of-Day Pricing lets you seamlessly adjust pricing according to your peak hours of operations, letting you markup or markdown prices to increase revenue or boost usage.
  • Lucky Cycle encourages customer loyalty by rewarding them with a free wash or dry after a predetermined number of cycles.

Minimize Operational Costs

Quantum controls not only help you increase revenue, they also help you keep costs down.

  • 30 Programmable Water Levels let you control water costs by modifying the amount of water used for each cycle.
    *For hardmount and front load washers only.
  • Low Power Mode & Shutdown Assistant lets you program your machines to automatically go into low power mode or shut down when your store or laundry room are closed.
  • Auto Water Leak Detection saves money by monitoring your drain system and immediately alerts you if there is a leak or obstructions.
    *For hardmount and front load washers only.
  • Wash Alert, a feature of Speed Queen Insights, provides remote laundry room access that lets residents see the status of their laundry or which washers or dryers are available.

Take your business to new levels of efficiency and profitability with advanced analytics and customer data—all integrated into the same platform with the rest of your business management tools. Know how often each customer visits, which machines they use, how they pay, and use that information to increase your revenue through stronger customer relationships and a more rewarding laundry experience.

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