One’s brand is more than the logo on the building: It encompasses everything from the equipment installed and cleanliness, to the seating areas and your staff’s behavior and customer service practices. Paying attention to all those seemingly “little” things becomes much easier once you understand a brand’s importance

One of those little things that can make an impact is store signage. Don’t believe it? Walk through your front door as a new customer. Just like on the road, signs are what help you navigate this new environment.

They direct you to the right size machine and, even more importantly, guide you through how to select the right cycle and start it. Instruction signs help ensure machines are loaded properly and the correct amount of soap added. There’s a benefit on all sides to well executed signage – customers get a better experience (quality wash and dry, no frustrations) and owners benefit from repeat customers and equipment that lasts longer and looks better because it is used properly.

So, as you stroll through your store with a customer’s eyes, assess your signage:

  • Is there enough of it?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Are the different capacities of machines clearly identified?
  • Is it posted in areas that make sense and draw attention?
  • Does it look professional?
  • Is it clean and in good condition?
  • Is it offered in multiple languages?

When you are creating a brand, handwritten, shabby and water stained signs do not cut it. The goal is neat, clean and professional.

Speed Queen has streamlined this task for owners with the recent launch of its shop site. Here, you’ll be able to order everything from machine instruction and restroom signs to mailers and door hangers. Visit to see all the fully customizable options you have available to build your brand and create a better customer experience.