Baths are great when you just want to soak at the end of the day. But let’s be honest, are they effective for getting clean results? When it comes to clean and water efficiency, showers are just better. Therein lies the difference between a conventional bath rinse and a spray rinse.   

UniMac’s OPTispray brings those same advantages to its UW washer-extractor and the benefits to a variety of operations are significant. 

Consider a heavy soil load at a nursing home or assisted living facility. A pre-wash step using a bath rinse will only send a small amount of soil out of the wash cylinder when the drains open. Obviously, while there is agitation and some soil is removed, much of it drops back on the linens. 

By contrast, a pre-rinse step with OPTispray sends a high-pressure shower through the linens with the drain valves open. Bottom line: more soil makes it down the drain versus back in the load. This step is particularly effective and important for operations serving medical and nursing homes and even more so in fire department applications, where PPE has dangerous carcinogens present. Running a pre-rinse with OPTispray can truly make a difference in the firehouse. 

On the back side, during the final rinse, OPTispray brings the same benefit by being excellent in removing any residual chemistry. This is where the advantages are far reaching. Better removal of residual chemistry will: 

  • Prolong linen life. – residual chemistry can get “baked” into linens during drying or finishing. This will greatly reduce linen life. By removing more detergent, etc. the laundry is able to extend the life of linens. 
  • Better quality. – Linens with high amounts of leftover chemistry in them suffer with poor quality – sheets feel hot, and rough and towels are less soft and less absorbent. Better rinse, better quality. 
  • Improved patient care.  Residual chemistry and resulting rough-feeling linens are more than a quality issue. In the nursing and long-term care environments, they cause hot spots that can lead to pressure ulcers. Sending those chemicals down the drain with OPTispray lowers this risk.   

When shopping for new laundry equipment, managers must put an emphasis on features that can truly make a difference for their facility. Washer-extractors with a spray rinse feature not only make a difference in quality but can impact patient care and safety. To learn more about OPTispray, visit here.